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Small stick, bigger sound. Transform your headphones’ sound.

Audiophiles love their accurate sounds from headphones that reproduce studio grade sound quality. Most high-end headphones market to this demographic, letting them enjoy the purity of the music. However, for the majority of us that just want to listen to music that sounds good, a highly detailed and accurate reproduction may not be the best way to enjoy our tunes.

This is where BoomStick comes in. Made by BoomCloud 360, it sets out to improve your music at the press of a button, transforming the sound. Bass becomes deeper without becoming muddled, highs get more clarity without being shrill, while the overall impression is more volume and space. It’s also great for those who watch a lot of movies on their tablets, as it will add more depth to the soundtrack and effect as well. So if you’ve felt like your headphones were subpar and was contemplating on upgrading, maybe this will do the trick.