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bitplay SNAP PRO

bitplay SNAP PRO

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The iPhone’s excellent camera has made everyone a near-professional photographer these days; and by “near-professional” we mean adept at taking photos of your brunch and selfies. No matter what the subject of your photographs may be of, there no denying the incredible capabilities of the phone that you’re holding, which is why bitplay out to make the most of it.

Dubbed the SNAP PRO, the iPhone case is optimized for those that want to expand their iPhone’s camera capabilities. For starters, it has a physical shutter button that should make snapping photographs as easy as regular digital cameras. The available interchangeable lenses can also give you more creative freedom, so you’re covered for any occasion. The ergonomic grip — which is interchangeable — also has mounts for your tripod, while the case itself offers a superb level of protection if you end of dropping your phone during one of your creative adventures. Easily the most versatile case for iPhone photographers, it can turn amateurs into pros.