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BeoPlay H5

BeoPlay H5

Danish design & legendary sound, all in a package designed for those who live to move.

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Bang & Olufsen always excelled at incredibly beautiful design and awesome sound. However, the brand was never known for products that catered towards the sporting and active lifestyle. Although you could awkwardly sport their earphones while running, you were always better off with something designed specifically for the active crowd.

That’s all about to change as BeoPlay — B&O’s youth oriented line — introduces the BeoPlay H5, a pair of sporting wireless headphones that delivers the same sleek design and sound you’ve come to expect from the brand, but designed for those who live to move. You can choose one of the preset profiles to match the sound to your activity, while magnets built into each earpiece ensures that they effortlessly stay around your neck. Like most other wireless earphones, you can also take calls via bluetooth while the AAC codec ensures that no compromises are made in sound quality. Whether it’s to wear during the grueling rat race to work and back or to enjoy during your evening run to unwind, these wireless earphones should do just the trick.