Bellroy Recycled Collection

Bellroy Recycled Collection

The Bellroy Recycled Collection is at the core of the company’s mission to make 90 percent of its bags from recycled material by mid-2021.

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$ 39+

Traditional backpacks are often produced with a considerable amount of plastic and newly rendered material. This isn’t the most environmentally friendly method for crafting bags. Bellroy is looking to shift that paradigm with a line of bags that are made from recycled fabric. Each of the bags in the Bellroy Recycled Collection is made from bottles that have been converted into polyester fibers. 

Bellroy’s goal is for 90 percent of all its bags to come from natural or recycled materials by midway into 2021. According to the company, the impact of that mission will recycle over 7 million plastic bottles. Thus far, the most popular of these environmentally conscious bags is the Classic Backpack Plus. Bellroy uses 27 500 ml bottles for every one of these backpacks. Repurposing that material results in a durable backpack that is perfect for everything from traveling to sending your children off to school. 

The Bellroy Recycled Collection currently has a price tag that ranges from $39 to $289.