‘Battlefield V’ Official Reveal Trailer

The latest installment to the storied franchise is set during WWII and adds a more intimate gameplay experience.

The latest addition to the storied Battlefield franchise has been finally revealed with a cinematic trailer. Unlike the previous installment which was set during WWI, Battlefield V will be set during WWII with a whiff of Call of Duty about it.

The popular Operation Mode from the previous installment returns as Grand Operations, and adds a new fortifications feature. Combined Ops has been added as well that will allow up to four people to play together, offering a more intimate gaming experience somewhere between single and multiplayer modes.

The game will focus on “unseen, until, unplayed” aspects of WWII, making us look forward to what DICE has up their sleeves in terms of actual gameplay. Battlefield V is set to launch October 19, 2018.