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Barbour International x Triumph Collection

Barbour International x Triumph Collection

Two British names synonymous with motorcycling.

British motorcycling culture cannot be complete without two iconic names; Barbour and Triumph. The two brands are synonymous with two-wheeled British motoring, where images of riders on Triumph motorbikes wearing Barbour jackets have become icons of style and class. The impact that Barbour’s waxed cotton jacket has had on our culture is hard to ignore, to the point where all waxed cotton jackets are now being referred to as ‘Barbour jackets.’

A collaboration between these two storied British institutions seem natural, to the point where its surprising that it has taken them this long to join forces. The Barbour International x Triumph Collection features a selection of Barbour’s iconic waxed cotton jackets as well as some denim and leather items that are appropriate for a motorcycle themed collaboration. This new line of waxed jackets should be able to stay with you for decades even through major wear-and-tear, as Barbour should extend their legendary repair service to these jackets.

So if you are in need of a stylish and reliable jacket, or even something to compliment your Triumph Bonneville or Scrambler, be sure to check out the Barbour International x Triumph Collection.