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Bandit9 Motorcycles L-Concept

Inspired by science fiction, the L-Concept is more than a motorcycle — it’s a mechanical sculpture.

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The Bandit9 Motorcycles L-Concept is a unique looking bike that looks like it is straight out of a sci-fi movie, but as Bandit9 says, any fiction can be a reality with time. Its uninterrupted form with the mirror-finished stainless steel looks sharp and modern.

This 125cc 4-speed manual bike features a suspended engine inspired by the reactor of the USS Enterprise, a unibody tank, 5 high-powered pure white LED lights to navigate through the pitch dark of outer space, an LED brakelight grid, flat dual shocks, maneuver controls, sculptured grips and levers, and a teardrop saddle seat. If you have a love for futuristic motorcycles, nothing on the market compares at the moment. Inspired by science fiction, the Bandit9 Motorcycles L-Concept motorcycle is the perfect ride to make a statement. Only 9 were made, and they’re going fast.