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Async A1

The Async A1 Electric Dual-Sport Moped With Up To 150 Miles Of Range

Cyber-funk design and dual-sport capability.

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$ 1,999+

The Async A1 is a new electric moped intended to ride the line between urban and off-road use. Its cyber-funk design and potent battery pack make it a jack-of-all-trades for electrified personal transport.

Powering the Async A1 is a removable Samsung 21700 battery pack fueling a hub motor capable of delivering 70 lb.-ft of torque. Range varies between the standard and pro variants of the A1. The standard offers 40-75 miles, while the pro boosts those numbers to 80-150 miles. Moreover, the top speed is rated at 35 mph using a carbon belt drive system.

Suspension is handled by an adjustable front fork, a monoshock at the rear, and a hydraulic quad-piston braking mechanism. The Async A1 rolls on a set of 20×4-inch fat tires that can absorb the imperfections of the road or trail. In addition, riders can feel at ease riding over rocky terrain or pot-hole-littered streets thanks to its nearly two-inch-thick plush saddle made from polyurethane material. The A1 offers a max weight capacity of 330 pounds while weighing less than 125 pounds.

Lastly, the e-bike’s key powertrain components are weatherproofed, allowing for commuting rain or shine. In addition, important rider information is displayed on a full-color digital display screen. The Async A1 is available to order on its main website.

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Async A1

Async A1

$ 1,999+
  • Battery: 1920-WH (Pro)
  • Torque: 70 lb.-ft
  • Max Range: 150 miles (Pro)
  • Top Speed: 35 mph