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Ark Motors Ark Zero

UK’s Most Affordable EV Is The Ark Motors Ark Zero

Tiny and not made for highways.

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Ark Motors is a London-based EV start-up with plans to dominate the micro-electric car market for city dwellers. Its Ark Zero EV’s current claim to fame coined by the British media is being dubbed as “UK’s most affordable electric car.”

This little EV offers a max range of slightly over 50 miles, or 80 kilometers, for our overseas readers. Its three-horsepower 2.2-kilowatt battery allows the Ark Motors Ark Zero to reach a top speed of 28 mph. Thus, this is not an EV for rambling on the interstate. It is strictly a city vehicle with enough legroom for two people – and a dog.

The Ark Zero’s dimensions are 98.4 inches long and 47.3 inches wide. Its main competition is EVs like the viral Citroen Ami. Autocar in the UK reported an Ark Motor spokesperson’s quote that set the bar high for the tiny EV, saying, “Ark Zero is the most functional car ever built since the Ford Model T.” If nothing else, we admire Ark Motor’s ambition.

In addition to releasing the EV, Ark Motors mentioned it would offer autonomous ride-hailing services in London as early as 2024. However, like the car itself, details are slim to none. But if your heart is set on this two-door EV, you can order an Ark Zero through the company’s website.

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