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AKG K712


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There are several schools of thoughts when it comes to what constitutes a good headphone. Some may favor more accurate sound representations, while other go for headphones that “enhance” the sound, whether it be with anything ranging from more base to clarity. For those that fall into the first school of thought will appreciate the AKG K712 PRO, an over-ear reference headphone that is precise and supremely comfortable.

The K712 PRO has carefully selected transducers that provide consistency and accurate localization, while the open design ensures a spacious and airy sound. The best part about these headphones may be how comfortable they are, no matter how long you wear them, making it perfect for long mixing or mastering sessions. The only downside may be the open design the does leak a lot of sound, possibly making it inappropriate for use in public, but that’s not the point of these headphones anyway. For those that want a more consumer grade product at a friendlier price point, you can also check out their N60 Noise Cancelling headphone.