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A-COLD-WALL* Alpine Boot

A-COLD-WALL* Alpine Boot – Urban Elegance Meets Outdoor Durability

Blending style and functionality, these boots are designed to tackle the toughest terrain.

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$ 790

For those who appreciate the perfect blend of fashion-forward design and rugged outdoor performance, A-COLD-WALL* Alpine Boot for Autumn/Winter 2023 is a game-changer. Crafted from luxurious napped suede and 100% leather, this classic alpine hiking boot boasts a reinforced upper, making it a formidable companion for all your outdoor adventures.

The hallmark of this boot is its distinctive A-COLD-WALL* rubber Vibram ripple sole, designed for maximum grip and stability on any terrain. Whether you’re scaling steep mountain trails or navigating through city streets, these boots will keep you sure-footed every step of the way.

A-COLD-WALL* doesn’t just stop at functionality; they infuse their unique style into every detail. The debossed ACW* bracket logo and velcro hardware at the heel adds a touch of streetwear flair to this rugged footwear.

The traditional metal eyelet lacing system ensures a secure and adjustable fit, ensuring comfort during long hikes or casual strolls. With a price tag of $790, these boots are an investment in both style and performance.

The Alpine Boot is now available online at A-COLD-WALL.COM, making it easier than ever for urban explorers and outdoor enthusiasts to get their hands on this exceptional piece of footwear. So, whether you’re hitting the trails or making a fashion statement in the city, step up your game with the A-COLD-WALL* Alpine Boot for Autumn/Winter 2023.

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