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2022 Samsung MICRO LED, Neo QLED and Lifestyle TVs

Samsung’s New MICRO LED, Neo QLED, And Lifestyle TVs Launching At CES 2022

These new releases for 2022 bring Samsung’s vision of ‘Screens Everywhere, Screens for All’ even closer to reality than before.

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Samsung has some big announcements that have been released just prior to the opening of the 2022 Consumer Electronics Show, so here is a quick look at the 2022 Samsung MICRO LED, the Samsung Neo QLED, and Samsung Lifestyle TVs coming out this year. The Neo QLED is packed with a brand new Smart Hub, which will guide users to their favorite content or help them discover something new all while spending less time searching. Smart Hub enables NFT management, on-screen multitasking, video calls, cloud gaming, smart content curation, and so much more. This is (of course) in addition to advancements in sound and picture.

With 25 million micrometer-sized LEDs capable of producing color and light, the 2022 Samsung MICRO LED is capable of producing heightened levels of contrast, heightened levels of clarity, vibrant colors, and impressive depth. Samsung is planning on revealing these 110″, 101″, and 89″ beauties at CES 2022. The 2022 Samsung Lifestyle TVs are capable of blending both technology and design for a personalized and unique experience. The new Matte Display features anti-fingerprint, anti-reflection, and anti-glare properties that have all been applied to The Serif, The Sero, and The Frame models. The Matte Displays have received three verifications from Underwriter Laboratories (UL) for being ‘Disability Glare Free’, Discomfort Glare Free’, and ‘Reflection Glare Free’.

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