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2016 BMW 7 Series

BMW가 내보인 한층 성숙해진 내면.

BMW 가문의 큰 형님이 새 단장을 마치고 돌아오셨다. 생김새야 뭐 크리스 뱅글 시대의 엄청난 크기에서 적당히 살을 뺀 균형 잘 잡힌 빵빵한 근육질 몸매와 덩치에, 예전의 눈매가 마음에 안 들었던지 살짝 앞트임을 한 듯한 강한 인상의 헤드램프 그리고 전통의 키드니 그릴이 중심을 잘 잡아주고 있지만, BMW가 진심으로 자랑하고 싶은 기색이 역력했던 건 외관보다는 그 안의 한층 성숙해진 내면의 모습이랄까. 일단 듣도 보도 못한 디스플레이 키를 시작으로 iDrive 인포테인먼트 시스템은 예전의 편의 장비와 비교해 차원이 다른 경험을 하게끔 해준다.

사실 스파이샷이 나왔을 때만 해도 수많은 네티즌이 명절마다 잔소리하시는 큰어머니처럼, 아니 저래서 무슨 벤츠 S클래스를 따라잡냐느니 마느니 말이 많았는데 이번 홍보영상이 공개된 이후로는 당당히 사법고시에 합격한 조카를 바라보시는 아까 그 큰어머니와 같이 조용히 고개만 끄덕이며 머쓱하게 “그래, 넌 잘 해낼 줄 알았어. 야… 그냥 네가 걱정돼서 그런 거지…” 라며 우물우물 거릴 네티즌들이 많을 듯하다.

2016 BMW 7 Series

BMW pulls out all the stops with its new 2016 BMW 7-Series.

More of an evolution than a revolution compared to the current 7-Series, the flagship model from Munich raises the bar in terms of its design, technology, performance, and quality.

Design-wise, the lines that make up the exterior and interior are a bit busier than the traditionally more somber BMW design aesthetic. The interior design looks more Chinese than Germanic, with liberal use of aluminum bits around the switchgear and odd shapes that we haven’t seen in any BMW as of yet. Not only that, the addition of lounge seats that coddle rear seat occupants suggests two things — that BMW is playing catch up to its rival Mercedes-Benz and their new S-Class, and that they are taking direct aim at the Chinese market where chauffeurs would normally drive owners around in their BMWs.

Although we are slightly turned off by the design direction, we’re hard pressed to find anything wrong with the technology that the new car offers. For starters, the navigation system becomes very un-German with the addition of touch sensors on its screen. It even supports gestures for simple commands such as raising or lowering the volume, which supposedly makes it much more safer to operate. The touchscreen’s galore extends to the back seat, where occupants will find a tablet inside the armrest. Even the key fob will feature a small screen.

Quality is also up from the previous generation, but the 7-Series never suffered from lacking any so the fact that the manufacturer paid extra attention can only be a welcomed addition.

The new generation of 7-Series can be had starting this fall.