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2005 Maserati MC12

2005 Maserati MC12

Stunning Maserati design, racing pedigree. One of only 50 examples ever made will hit the auction block in Monterey.

Maserati has always made beautiful cars, even their SUVs offering lines that no other manufacturers seem to dare attempt putting on their vehicles. Their understated designs that highlight elegance and finesse have been compared to that of Aston Martin’s; high praise considering that most other Italian manufacturers seem to prefer flamboyance over grace.

Their most striking design in the modern era is probably none other than the MC12. The unsung brother of the legendary Ferrari Enzo, it shares many underpinnings with the Ferrari, but has its own illustrious racing history that makes it more than just a pin up model. Maserati only produced 50 vehicles, making these even more exclusive than the Enzo, which is why it’s such an occasion that an example will hit the auction block in Monterey this August. Already considered highly collectible modern classic, this is a vehicle that should complete any serious car collection.