Yamaha Wabash Adventure Gravel E-Bike

Yamaha Wabash Adventure Gravel E-Bike

Yamaha promises to change the electric all-terrain bike game forever with the Wabash Adventure Gravel E-Bike.

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$ 3,499

As versatile performance on a range of riding surfaces is becoming more and more important to modern cyclists, gravel bikes (otherwise known as all-road, all-terrain, or adventure bikes) have risen to prominence in the marketplace. Few e-bikes, however, have excelled in this particular arena.

But Yamaha is promising to change the gravel e-bike game forever with its new Wabash. This bike’s lightweight and sturdy aluminum frame and fork can stand up to anything that the trail can throw at it.

Combining extreme ruggedness with high tech, the Wabash is powered by a 500-watt battery pack and Yamaha’s field-tested PWSeries SE electric drive system. Riders can choose among four different levels of motorized pedal assistance that tops out at an impressive 20 miles per hour. And thanks to Yamaha’s Triple Sensor System, you can track everything from speed and distance to battery life and pedal revs per minute on a bar-mounted computer display.