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Woolsey Pool Wall Rack

Woolsey Pool Wall Rack

For the elegant billiards experience you've always envisioned.

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You’ve dropped some serious cash on a quality pool table, and you’ve set up a nice little room to play in. But with pool cues, balls, and chalk littered everywhere, the elegant billiards experience that you envisioned has deteriorated into a disorganized mess. If you want to store and display your billiards gear in style, the Sean Woolsey Studio has you covered. Stressing fine craftsmanship and striking design, the Woolsey Pool Wall Rack has designated spaces to cleanly and securely stash everything that you need for your next big pool game. Although created to perfectly complement the Woolsey Pool Table, this product also works and looks great all on its own.

Better yet, the Woolsey Pool Wall Rack comes fully stocked with gear including an exclusive pro ball set, six premium fiberglass cue sticks of customized lengths, a black bridge, plenty of black chalk, and a handmade Woolsey wood triangle with mitered splines.