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Wolves Winter Run Whiskey

Wolves Winter Run Whiskey

Master distiller Marko Karakasevic infuses an impossibly rare Alambic still imported from Cognac, France into this whiskey.

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$ 185

Wolves Whiskey came about as a lone wolf in an industry dominated by big names. Maverick spirits entrepreneurs James Bond and Jon Buscemi trekked into the forests of the California backcountry to find Marko Karakasevic, a man who is the product of 13 generations of master distillers.

Karakasevic distilled the Wolves Winter Run blend in a relic of whiskey’s glory days — an impossibly rare Alambic still imported from Cognac, France. The master distiller personally selected each cut, sleeping in four-hour shifts over the ten-day distillation process. You have to be a little crazy to make whiskey this way. For one, the yield is far lower with this batch only filling 1,338 bottles. However, one sip shows that this level of dedication is about ensuring quality and not quantity.

Alambic-distilled whiskey crushes the competition in terms of its body and fullness. Wolves Winter Run Whiskey is a warm, robust sip led by notes citrus, vanilla, cherry cola, and Christmas cake on its nose. That first impression is followed by flavor notes of chocolate, hops, and toasted almonds that coalesce for a brilliant finish. The complexity of that combination of flavors gives Wolves Winter Run Whiskey a taste every bit of complex as the technique of a distillation process passed down over centuries.