Wild Kopi Luwak Coffee

The World’s Most Expensive Coffee Now Comes In A Pod

Wild Kopi Luwak Coffee from Indonesia is now available in individual Nespresso pods.

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£ 4.5

In many ways, Wild Kopi Luwak is the foie gras of the coffee world. Unfortunately, one of the similarities it shares with the goose liver pâté is that it’s production is often achieved by unethical means. Like geese, civets are often caged and force-fed the coffee cherries that end up in each cup. Not only is this animal cruelty but it compromises the taste of the coffee. Fortunately, the standards at the Difference Coffee Company ensure that each sip of its Wild Kopi Luwak Coffee captures the essence of its distinct taste while being produced by ethical means.

Difference Coffee Company sources this specialty grade Wild Kopi Luwak from the Gayo Estate. That source holds the distinction of being the only certified Wild Luwak Estate in Indonesia. The civets roam wild through its grounds, eating ripe coffee cherries in the wild. Those cherries are then harvested, washed, and sorted in accordance with the standard set forth by the Specialty Coffee Association.  The result is a cup of coffee deserving its notoriety of being the most expensive in the world.