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WigiDash PC Command Panel

WigiDash PC Command Panel Is A Personalized PC Control Center

Prepare to take control of your PC system like never before.

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G.SKILL has just unveiled an exciting addition to the world of PC customization and control with the launch of the WigiDash PC Command Panel. This innovative device is designed to provide users with an efficient and user-friendly way to monitor their PC system and access a wide range of shortcuts and controls, particularly catering to the needs of streamers, content creators, gamers, and PC enthusiasts.

At the heart of the WigiDash PC Command Panel is a 7-inch IPS touch panel display, boasting a resolution of 1024×600. This high-quality display allows users to arrange up to 20 on-screen buttons or widgets in a 5×4 grid, ensuring easy access to a wealth of information and control options.

One standout feature of the WigiDash is its customizable hotkeys. Users can configure these hotkeys to open programs, files, links, and trigger actions in the Windows OS. This level of adaptability and convenience streamlines tasks and enhances productivity. Moreover, these hotkeys can be programmed to switch based on the active application, offering versatility that sets the WigiDash apart from similar devices.

The device also supports customizable widgets, enabling users to monitor system performance, control media playback, and display useful information. Its compatibility with third-party software further expands its functionality, allowing for the display of real-time system performance data while gaming or working.

The WigiDash Manager software facilitates easy customization, allowing users to drag and drop widgets, create personalized pages, and customize icons, colors, and fonts. It empowers users to tailor the WigiDash to their specific needs and preferences effortlessly.

For added convenience, the software supports profile export and import, enabling users to backup and share configurations seamlessly. Whether you have one or multiple WigiDash devices on a single PC system, this feature ensures smooth setup management and sharing capabilities.

Despite its powerful capabilities, the WigiDash PC Command Panel remains an affordable investment, priced at $130. This makes it an accessible and worthwhile addition for anyone seeking to enhance their workflow and system control. 

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