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VSSL x FCS Surf Supply Kit, SEG28 Backpack By Matador, Plus The Lexus LC 500: The Perfect Sports Car

A roundup of some of this week’s most popular products.

This week, VSSL and FCS launched their Surf Supply Kit which keeps a surfer’s vital gear in one compact kit. In addition to Phix Doctor Resin to Tenacious Tape and Puka Patches, this capsule also contains a first-aid kit, beeswax candles, a ding repair kit, a wetsuit repair kit, a fire starter kit, zip ties, a fin key, a wax comb, fin screws, and more. We learned of Matador’s latest release this week: the SEG28 Backpack. This new bag is a segmented backpack that offers a combination of instant access and maximum organization. It has pockets for almost anything you can imagine including a large clamshell section for clothing and shoes and a padded pocket for a laptop. Be sure to check out IMBOLDN’s article, Why The Lexus LC 500 is the Perfect Sports Car in Every Way. Our resident automotive expert, Jesus Garcia, spent a week testing out this Lexus and proclaimed, “It’s perfect because it does everything a good sports car should without needing to be acknowledged. Meanwhile, we covered the release of Unimatic’s Henry Singer Modello Quattro ref. U4S-T-HS, a sophisticated timepiece perfect for everyday wear. Finally, take a look at CLAE’s Spring/Summer 2023 Collection. It includes a line of natural-toned styles with material and color updates to the brand’s classics, as well as an introduction of two exciting new styles – the Zuma and Elford.


VSSL And FCS Team Up For A Premium Summer Surf Kit

A compact, durable, and water-resistant capsule full of must-have items for off-the-beaten-path surf expeditions.

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Matador SEG28 Backpack

Travel Gear Brand Matador Unleashes The SEG28 Multifunctional Backpack

The backpack boasts segmented and dedicated pockets that make it easy to organize all of your essential items.

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Why The Lexus LC 500 Is The Perfect Sports Car in Every Way

Our automotive writer argues that the Lexus LC 500 is the quintessential sports car.

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UNIMATIC x HENRY SINGER Modello Quattro ref. U4S-T-HS

Presenting Unimatic x Henry Singer Modello Quattro ref. U4S-T-HS

This watch is the first Modello Quattro equipped with a Swiss GMT movement.

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CLAE Spring/Summer 2023 Collection

CLAE Launches Its New Collection, Elevating Sneaker Style To The Next Level

The collection is inspired by the unique color palette nature provides, as well as the richness of natural materials.

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