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Wayv Adventurer Portable Microwave

Compact and lightweight portable microwave that you can use anywhere, anytime.

For guys that are less than adept in the kitchen, the invention of the microwave oven can be said to be more than worthy of multiple Nobel Peace Prizes. From frozen pizzas to a variety of TV dinners, we owe so much of our culinary creations to it. The only drawback may it’s limited to only within your kitchen, as it’s not only sizable but also because it draws quite a bit of electricity. It’s shame, since this completely limits our diet to mostly warming up canned food items when out camping.

However, with the Wayv Adventurer Portable Microwave, you’re no longer limited to consuming non-perishable canned items away from home. As the name suggests, it’s the world’s first portable solid-state RF food heater, having evolved from the conventional microwave. It doesn’t emit toxic fumes or carbon monoxide, and gets your food ready in as little as four minutes. It’s compact size makes carrying this battery powered device easy, so you can take it wherever you need to.