Vuz Motorcycle Camping Tent

A spacious, secure, and waterproof tent for both you and your bike.

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If you’re a biker, it’s only natural to maximize the use of your motorcycle during the nice weather months. For many riders, this includes much more than just going on joy rides or bike trips. Many riders take their hogs everywhere they go, including camping.

But the great outdoors may not exactly be kind to your prized bike. That’s where the Vuz Motorcycle Camping Tent comes in. It’s a tent that can sleep both you and your bike.

Specifically, this waterproof tent is 12 feet long and has separate compartments for you and your bike. So don’t fret any longer about taking your bike into the woods or setting up camp on a cross-country ride. The Vuz Camping Tent is spacious, secure, and can keep your bike safe from all of the outdoor elements.