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Vespa Elettrica

Vespa Elettrica

Both agile and powerful, the Vespa Elettrica is far more than Vespa’s first electric scooter.

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Cementing its position as the leading manufacturer of two-wheel vehicles in Europe, the Piaggio Group will unveil more than a dozen new motorcycles and scooters at the 75th annual International Cycle and Motorcycle Show. Leveraging its position at the parent company of the iconic Vespa brand, Piaggio is positioning the new Vespa Elettrica as the crown jewel of this venerable two-wheeler industry event.

The name Vespa has long been synonymous with Italian “joie de vivre” and appreciation of beauty. Building upon the strength of this incredible tradition, the Vespa Elettrica is bringing this incomparably stylish and elegant brand into the future with full electric mobility.

But the Vespa Elettrica is far more than Vespa’s first electric scooter. It is a high-performance vehicle that is both agile and powerful, capable of traversing urban roads with comfort and traveling at least 100 kilometers on a single charge. At its heart is a proprietary power unit that is capable of delivering continuous power of 2 kilowatts and peak power of 4 kilowatts, providing acceleration and general functionality that are superior to a traditional 50cc gasoline scooter. The Vespa Elettrica also embraces the future with its new Vespa Multimedia Platform, a multimedia system that uses a TFT display interface to connect the vehicle directly to your smartphone. In the typical Vespa tradition, the Elettrica packs all of this exceptional technology within a beautiful frame that is truly a work of art.