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Urwerk UR-220 Falcon Project

True To Form, Urwerk To Unveil Its Groundbreaking UR-220 Falcon Project Watch

Leave it to Urwerk to design a stylistically astonishing watch that is sure to turn heads.

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$ 160,000

Coming fresh on the heels of the final version of its iconic UR-210, the groundbreaking watchmaking company URWERK has unveiled its next big thing: the URWERK UR-220 Falcon Project. This next-generation release in the brand’s UR-Satellite series shows off the same futuristic look as its predecessors, while claiming a completely revamped movement and a bold new body. Its strikingly contoured, laminated case comprises 81 wafer Carbon Thin Ply layers, yielding impressive strength in an amazingly lightweight and substantially slimmed-down package.

The manual-wound UR-220 boasts a satellite dial with three rotating cubes displaying the hour, a minute pointer, and two gauges constituting a 48-hour power reserve. On the back of the watch you’ll find a cool URWERK feature resurrected (and modified a bit) for the UR-220: The “Oil Change” indicator, which uses a numerical counter to reveal the watch’s “engine running time.” Then there’s the innovative strap – it’s the first rubber one made by URWERK, boasting a soft, velvety feel. Hey, this isn’t your dad’s wristwatch. It’s a space-age stunner and a surefire conversation-starter.