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Ural Red Sparrow

Ural Motorcycles Unleashes The One-Off Red Sparrow

With 2.9 cubic inches of space in the sidecar’s trunk, you can carry along plenty of gear on whatever adventure you embark on.

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$ 24,249

Take on the road or take on uncharted territory with the Ural Red Sparrow. This motorcycle is made to take off-road thanks to a skid plate, Heiganeau tires, protective undercoating that keep its gray paint scheme and brilliant red accents gleaming. A GPR exhaust featuring a 2-in-1 high pipe adds to the excursion-built design of the Red Sparrow. Where it takes you, carrying whatever gear you’ll need along the way, is easy thanks to a 2.9 cubic inch sidecar trunk. This motorcycle features red accents, but buyers can order models with other colors like yellow or white.

This two-wheel-drive motorcycle’s party piece is a red kickstarter that its design team was finally able to implement after years of waiting for the opportunity to do so. Once you fire the engine up, you can hook up your phone or GPS to the Red Sparrow to take the motorcycle off-road on limitless adventures.