Uniq Creatio Sim Adaptor Traveller Kit

Uniq Creation Sim Adaptor Traveller Kit

A unique way to keep all your SIM and micro SD cards in place. As long as you don’t lose your wallet.

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$ 10

In the rapid evolution of digital information storage, smaller is definitely better. We can all generally agree that the tiny integrated circuitry that drives our modern phones and other portable technology is nothing short of miraculous. But we often fail to think about the negative sides of shrinking circuit size until we lose a SIM or memory card with crucial data on it.

True to its name, the digital accessories manufacturer Uniq has developed a distinct way to store, transport, and protect your SIM and micro SD cards with an emphasis on convenience and accessibility. The Uniq Creation Sim Adaptor Traveller Kit features separate and secure compartments to accommodate five different SIM cards, 2 two different micro SD cards, and a SIM eject tool. Roughly the size and shape of a common credit card, this unit can slip easily into any wallet or smart phone case for safe travel across town or around the world.