Undone Basecamp Tool Watch

Undone Basecamp Tool Watch

Undone adds a vintage-inspired field watch to its fully customizable watch arsenal.

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They don’t fold out into screwdrivers or can openers, so what exactly do tool watches do? That depends on whom you ask, because professionals turn to tool watches to facilitate specific tasks; for instance, the scuba diver uses a pressure-resistant dive watch to track decompression times underwater.

Undone’s definition of tool watch is “a wrist-worn, time-telling instrument that must withstand outdoor ordeals and assist the wearer in their exploits.” The company also adds that a tool watch must be instantly and easily readable at all times.

The Undone Basecamp Tool Watch fits this definition perfectly to meet the needs of the urban explorer. While not a dive watch, with only 50 meters of water resistance, this 40mm field watch is incredibly agile, weighing in at just 66 grams. This vintage-inspired timepiece features a Seiko automatic movement with a 42-hour power reserve, domed polycarbonate crystal, click-less bidirectional bezel, and oversized numerals that simply scream visibility. Like all Undone watches, the Basecamp is fully customizable.