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Land Rover Defender Spectre

Tweaked Automotive Land Rover Defender Spectre Edition

Ever wanted to drive a James Bond villain’s vehicle? Now’s your chance.

One of the most memorable scenes from the last James Bond film, Spectre, maybe the snowy chase scene through the Austrian mountains. Although Daniel Craig’s performance and the resolve of his character chasing after the bad guys, despite piloting only a portion of an airplane, was as impressive as it gets, it was the custom Land Rover Defenders that were driven by the bag guys that really caught our eye.

Murdered out in all black with a utilitarian presence and charisma, the Defenders in the films were done by the folks at Tweaked Automotive. While most cars featured in James Bond films tend to be one-off creations, Tweaked Automotive is making this bad-ass Land Rover Defenders available for purchase. Available in the 90 or 110 versions, you can either supply your own Defender or let Tweaked supply their own. The Land Rover Defender Spectre Edition comes with all the features fitted to the cars from the film, from 16” beadlock wheels to the unique extra wide arches and more. There are a number of options that can also be added, including a custom interior. All Land Rover Defender Spectre Editions come with a numbered interior plaque and Spectre Edition exterior plaques as well. So if you ever wanted to feel like a James Bond villain, this may be the perfect vehicle to drive to your evil lair.