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The TUSENÖ SHELLBACK V2 Returns With Advanced Features For The Discerning Collector

The watch offers unparalleled visual depth and luminous efficiency.

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$ 649

Sweden’s TUSENÖ is back with the SHELLBACK V2, an enhanced version of its popular timepiece that merges impeccable Swedish design with robust functionality. This sophisticated watch is not just a tool for timekeeping but a masterpiece of design, featuring a unique sandwich dial that layers visual depth and luminous efficiency in one sleek package. The top layer of the dial showcases exquisite design elements. In contrast, the bottom layer is practically designed with Super-LumiNova applied to the hollowed-out hour indices, ensuring visibility in any lighting condition.

The SHELLBACK V2 doesn’t stop at just the dial; it also boasts a ceramic bezel inlay known for its high durability and resistance to scratches, matching the toughness of the sapphire crystal it sits beneath. This bezel is as functional at night as it is during the day, with each marker etched and filled with SuperLumiNova for optimal night-time readability. Enhancements aren’t just external; internally, the SHELLBACK V2 now sports the reliable Sellita SW200 movement, known for its precision and ease of servicing, ensuring that this watch isn’t just about looks but about long-term reliability and performance.

With a meticulously designed flat link bracelet that complements its refined case, the SHELLBACK V2 is available in white, blue, and black variants, each priced at $649. This watch is designed for the discerning wearer who values a timepiece that excels in both function and form, making it a worthy addition to any collection.

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