Turing HubblePhone

A futuristic phone prototype with a multi-dimensional flexible screen that might save Turing Robotics is in the works.

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In the wake of multiple failed product launches and a bankruptcy filing, Turing Robotics seems to be throwing a “Hail Mary” pass with its new HubblePhone. If you’re going to go long with a flight of fancy like this, you could definitely do worse than naming your product after NASA’s famous Hubble Space Telescope (HST).

Although Turning has yet to release a prototype of its new HubblePhone, this luxury device promises to rival the HST (relatively speaking) in terms of high-tech flair and complex ergonomics. Perhaps most noticeable, the HubblePhone features what Turing has dubbed a “multi-dimensional” flexible OLED screen that can fold and swivel at a variety of angles. Early concept photographs of the phone show multiple camera lenses, and promotional materials tout the phone’s micro-space-telescope photo/video capabilities with 15X optical zoom. The HubblePhone also supports 50% faster data speeds, includes a professional video editing application, and incorporates facial-recognition technology that can read your lips.