Tribeca Penthouse by ODA New York

This Tribeca Penthouse by ODA New York offers glass floors, a double-height living area and even a striking wrap-around library space.

In terms of highly desirable Manhattan neighborhoods, you’d be hard pressed to find something with more culture, more appeal and more good, old-fashioned cachet than Tribeca. Home to not only cultural events like the Tribeca Film Festival but also notable residents over the years like Daniel Craig, Robert De Niro and John F. Kennedy, Jr., Tribeca is dominated by former industrial buildings that have been converted into the types of residential buildings and lofts that people dream of one day living in.

Case in point: there is perhaps nothing that personifies everything that Tribeca is more than the Tribeca Penthouse by ODA New York. Originally designed by Julius Kastner for a liquor merchant all the way back in the 1890s, over the last few years it has returned to its original design in a way that still channels everything that Tribeca is about — and then some. It’s got everything you could ever want — space for a wrap-around library, original wooden ceiling beams, standing seam zinc and steel windows, gorgeous wooden doors and 1,000 square feet of space that is virtually invisible to the pedestrians below. It is truly the perfect example of how to both honor the past in terms of architecture and design, yet at the same time break new ground in terms of just what exterior urban living means in the modern era.