Tom Sachs Fanny Pack

Tom Sachs Fanny Pack

Kicking it old school with a convenient and waterproof fanny pack.

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$ 375

If you’re searching for a convenient waterproof bag that can be worn in the traditional across the waist dad-bod fashion or slung like a hipster across your shoulder, then you’re in luck. Originally designed to support the needs of the Tom Sachs’s internal team, the Fanny Pack is now being offered as a limited release to the general public. 

It features an adjustable one-inch nylon strap that allows the pack to be worn around the waist or slung over the shoulder. The foam back increases comfort, while the Dyneema® construction makes it lightweight and waterproof. You’ll find a notebook pocket, easy smartphone access, pen pocket, and a main “Mary Poppins carry-all” pocket. Available in white, gray, and black, the Fanny Pack is made to be worn every day regardless of where you are.