Todd Snyder + Champion

Todd Snyder + Champion Italian Wool Herringbone Slim Sweatpant

If you want your sweatpants to fit you like a suit.

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If you’re like most of us, you want your formalwear to feel as comfortable as your sportswear and your sportswear to fit you as well as your formalwear. Well, at least Todd Snyder and Champion have addressed this second desire head-on with their Italian Wool Herringbone Slim Sweatpant.

Infusing a high-end pair of jogging pants with the panache of a finely tailored suit, these sweatpants feature a decidedly slim fit for a striking and highly modern silhouette. True to its name, the Italian Wool Herringbone Slim Sweatpant is made from premium Italian suiting fabric that is augmented with elastic cuffs and a cotton herringbone drawstring.

Hey, Todd Snyder and Champion, this looks great. Now we’re waiting for that soft and cuddly heavy-knit formal suit!