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The Outlierman Authentic Race Driving Gloves

The Outlierman Authentic Race Driving Gloves

Pair of driving gloves for the serious gentleman racer.

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For any gentleman racer, an essential part of your driving ritual should be wearing driving gloves. Not only are they stylish, it also protects your steering wheel from your grimy hands and its natural oil that is harmful for the longevity of your steering wheel.

The Authentic Race driving gloves by The Outlierman, makers of fine accessories for the gentleman driver, are a pair of classically styled driving gloves that is a must have item for anyone that enjoys a any form of spirited driving. These Outlierman driving gloves are available in a variety of colors, including loden/tan, mustard/brown, and red/black. Made from nappa lambskin, these supple gloves will age well with time, adding your own unique patina that will reflect whether you are a worthy driver or not.