James Brand Titanium

The James Brand Titanium Collection

Lighter than ever, the James Brand Titanium Collection consists of titanium renditions of three of James Brand’s favorite knives.

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You might know that titanium is both stronger and lighter than steel, but were you aware of its exceptional resistance to corrosion? And did you know that it supports a subtle surface finishing that is both striking to behold and solid to hold in your hand? For these reasons among others, the award-winning James Brand knife company ranks titanium as its very favorite raw material. After using the metal as a key part of its designs since day one, it is moving titanium to the center stage for its first-ever materials collection.

The James Brand Titanium Collection consists of three titanium renditions of James Brand’s favorite knives — the classic titanium Chapter as well as new titanium additions of the County and the Elko knives. The Chapter, the biggest of the three, is a frame-lock folder with a 2.75” blade; the County is a simple and classic pocket knife with a 2.5” blade; and with a 1.74” blade and a pry bar that doubles as a bottle opener, screwdriver, and key ring, the Elko pocket knife delivers maximum utility in a package that is just 2.6” when closed.