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The James Brand Sycamore Collection

The James Brand Sycamore Collection Elevates Everyday Carry With Elegance And Functionality

Each knife has a one-of-a-kind inlay.

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With its close ties to extreme sports professionals and outdoor enthusiasts, The James Brand has been deeply rooted in the manufacture of tools and knives for over a decade. Founded in Portland, Oregon, in 2012, the group of designers has worked to produce high-quality accessories using premium materials and following a minimalist design aesthetic. Its latest release, The James Brand Sycamore Collection, combines three knives that showcase the brand’s dedication to producing clean interpretations of classic knife designs.

The collection, consisting of three of The James Brand’s most popular silhouettes, captures the essence of the brand’s ethos. Each of the knives boasts sycamore inlays. Sycamore is a unique hardwood with a distinctive burled pattern, often used in fine woodworking applications such as custom furniture, cabinetry, and premium instruments.

Beginning with The Pike, a classically-inspired pocket knife featuring a non-locking slip-joint with an overall slim and discrete finish. Next up in the Sycamore Collection is The Wayland. This larger knife draws its inspiration from the Barlow knife design, which has been frequently characterized as a distinctly American folding knife. Its exceptional performance and practicality come thanks to an XYZ steel blade combined with a snappy and responsive action for ease of use.

The Duval wraps up the knives available in The James Brand Sycamore Collection, a step up in size and price over the previous two entries, and the first front-flipper to be manufactured by the company. The brand has classed this exceptional pocket knife as a “gentlemen’s knife,” which comes through with the wonderfully textured grains on the Sycamore handle. For those whose orders exceed $300, The James Brand will throw in the TJB Bottle Opener, which also comes with a miniature screwdriver for additional functionality.

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