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The $3,200 visvim Atelier Umbrella

여러분들은 우산 구매에 얼마까지 지불할 의향이 있는가?

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A: 어우- 비가 갑자기 왜이렇게 많이 내려- 이놈의 기상청은 대체 믿을수가 없어..아 짜증나..근처에 우산 파는데 없나? 아, 저기 팔겠구나!

B: 어서오세요-
A: 아저씨 여기 우산 팔아요?
B: 네- 그럼요- 갑자기 비 많이오죠? 저쪽에 있으니 한번 골라보세요.
A: (흠..이게 좀 크기도 있고 튼튼하고..뭐 색상도 이정도면 괜찮고..)아저씨 이건 얼마에요?

B: 364만원이요.
A: ???…아…네…

장난하는 것 같나? 아니다. visvim에서 제작한 아틀리에 우산을 구매할 때에는 꼭 겪게 될 상황이다. 등나무, 염소 가죽 등 엄선된 재질을 사용하여 파리에서 6개월에 걸쳐 제작된 우산이기 때문에 그 값어치를 할 것이라는 믿음을 가진 대범한 고객분들은 제발 구매하셔서 사용 후기 좀 남겨주시기 바란다.

visvim Atelier Umbrella

The $3,200 visvim Atelier Umbrella

For those that have it all, there’s a $3,200 umbrella made with goat leather.

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Where do you draw the line between usefulness and excess? When does an object that is useful become too precious to use, losing its intended purpose? These questions may seem irrelevant to those that have it all, but for mere mortals like us, it’s an important point to consider when making everyday purchasing decisions. One thing is for sure; no one will question where the visvim Atelier Umbrella sits on the spectrum between usefulness and extravagance.

For those that have it all, visvim has the ultimate in unrivaled extravagance with their Atelier Umbrella. Although not as expensive as $8,000 USD reported by the Wall Street Journal in Japan (as the price of vidvim items tend to double when they come to the U.S.), the ¥390,000 ($3,200 USD) umbrella is still pricey. To get a better understanding the whopping price tag, the umbrella is created by the hands of Parisian craftsmen, made from indigo skin-dyed herringbone fabric over a period of six months. Carefully sourced materials like beechwood and Italian goat leather make up the main shaft and inside cap.

Although the Atelier Umbrella is timelessly elegant and beautiful as an object of desire, we can’t imagine walking out into the rain with this umbrella, but if you can stomach the cost and possibility of ruining your $3,200 umbrella in a storm you can find the it here. And if you do end up purchasing the umbrella, kindly let us know if it was worth your hard earned cash by dropping us a line.