Teplo Smart Tea Kettle

Teplo Smart Tea Kettle

Equipped with various sensors to collect a range of relevant data, this smart tea kettle learns your unique tea preferences.

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$ 249+

When a machine looks this beautiful, we’re sure it’s bound to make a beautiful cup of tea. But the clean and straightforward design of the Teplo Smart Tea Kettle hides some pretty incredible operating mechanisms and connectivity features.

Just place the loose-leaf tea of your choice in the infuser, pour some room-temperature water into this kettle, and let digital technology do the rest. Teplo’s accompanying smartphone app allows you to select a tea type from a comprehensive list, and Teplo’s various sensors collect a range of relevant data, including your current heart rate through the pulse of your finger!

Using all of this data, the Teplo heats water to the ideal temperature and then automatically rotates its internal chamber to submerge the infuser for an optimum amount of brewing time. To more effectively dial in the perfect brew, you can rate each batch of tea in the app, allowing the Teplo to learn your unique tea preferences.