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Taylor Stitch x Mission Workshop Farallon Jacket

SF-Based Taylor Stitch & Mission Workshop Partner On The Farallon Jacket

The Taylor Stitch x Mission Workshop Farallon Jacket is available in three different colorways inspired by the northern California coastline.

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$ 348

Staying warm doesn’t mean you have to bulk up. With the Taylor Stitch x Mission Workshop Farallon Jacket you’ll retain body heat and stay nice and toasty, regardless of the weather outside. After all, tossing on an overstuffed, bulky coat not only looks and feels cumbersome, but it gets in the way of what you want to do. Made in California, this jacket is crafted with versatile features and a minimalist design. The collab between San Francisco neighbors Taylor Stich and Mission Workshop is also set to kick off additional pieces from the two design teams, so if you fall in love with this jacket you’ll love what’s coming in the near future. 

The jacket is available in black, midnight blue, and fog, which brings with it a dusty, worn white look to it. The Schoeller nylon shell is fortified by a 100% recycled down filling. The jacket features a turtleneck design, blocking your neck from the wind while improving temperature retention. Plus the double breasted and front side pockets feature zippers, so you can keep your dearest items protected, whatever you’re doing.