SylvanSport GO Camping Trailer

This lightweight but robust camping trailer hauls serious kit and opens up to a comfortable living space for the most dedicated adventurer.

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For the ultimate adventurer, the ability to travel openly and unfettered is essential to the journey. SylvanSport’s lightweight
GO camping trailer enables the intrepid traveler to go further with less fuss and more freedom.

Reflecting the quality, design, and wandering spirit of SylvanSport GO’s outdoor gear, this camping trailer features attention to detail right down to the nuts and bolts. The trailers tig-wielded aluminum frame and Kelty-made tent system provide a strong and safe cocoon to protect from the worst of the outside elements, while its comfortable mattresses provide for uninterrupted rest. Getting campers and their gear from one adventure to another safely and comfortably is at the center of SylvanSport GO’s function.

To accommodate all the tools and equipment needed for exploration, the GO camping trailer has enough space to efficiently accommodate bicycles, kayaks, and other gear. Additionally, it’s one of the lightest, most aerodynamic, and compact gear carriers on the market. It’s light enough to be towed by any small car but robust enough to accommodate up to 12 kayaks or 800 pounds of wood. It literally transforms any vehicle into a powerful towing machine.

When it comes time to tuck into bed for the night, the SylvanSport GO camping trailer transforms into numerous living and sleeping combinations with its inventive tent system. There is plenty of room with a 10 foot six inches by seven-foot bed and more than six feet of headroom. Three-layer ventilation windows look open up onto incredible vistas and provide ventilation.