SwitchPod Tripod

SwitchPod Tripod

An entirely new tripod design that’s perfect for vloggers and travelers.

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$ 69+

Sick to death of supposedly “portable” camera tripods that are in reality bulky and difficult to use, the creative minds behind SwitchPod have developed an entirely new tripod design for any camera.

The difference begins with the installation. SwitchPod abandons the standard mounting plates in favor of a simple screw and tightening knob that can secure to your camera in seconds. When the SwitchPod Tripod is closed, it functions as convenient camera handle perfect for vloggers. Unlocking is easy; it instantly unfolds into tripod mode with a flip of a finger. The recessed feet at the bottom of each leg provide a firm grip on virtually any surface.

If you must use your quick release adapters or ball heads from your other tripods, the versatile SwitchPod Tripod welcomes it. It also facilitates personalized filming set-ups with ¼-20″ threads that can be employed to attach microphones, monitors, LED lights, or whatever else you might want to keep handy.