Stone Island Shadow Project  F/W '020 '021

The Stone Island Shadow Project F/W ‘020 ‘021 Collection Offers Up Distinctive Sportswear

The Stone Island Shadow Project F/W ‘020 ‘021 collection will completely revitalize your wardrobe before the first frost hits.

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$ 170+

Italian designer Carlo Rivetti, the driving force behind Stone Island, aims to establish new boundaries in the world of garment making. The brand’s 25th collection, Stone Island Shadow Project  F/W ‘020 ‘021, achieves just that and more. From the thoughtful styling inherent in all their pieces, to the company’s advanced garment dying treatments, the Shadow Project delivers a collection that reflects the company’s dedication to designing sportswear with a multicultural bent.

The Stone Island Shadow Project  F/W ‘020 ‘021 collection offers pants, t-shirts, fleecewear, knitwear, coats, jackets, boots and more to completely revitalize your wardrobe in anticipation of the first frost. Inclement weather? No problem with the array of new styles included in this singular collection. Drawing from their experimental dyeing facility, Stone Island developed the indigo and full black-dyed fabrics exclusively for this release. From the S0422 Velcro Fastened Chelsea Boot to the N01A3 Hoodie beanie, Stone Island will keep you covered, head to toe, with style and substance.