Spyn Spinning Top

These beautifully crafted spinning tops will make your desk look like it’s straight out of 'Inception.'

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If your fingers are itching for something to play with but you’re way too refined for a fidget spinner (and stress balls are so 2002), you might like the Spyn Spinning Tops.

These aren’t the same tops you knew as a child. Precision turned from CNC stainless steel, the Spyn Tops are impeccably balanced, beautifully crafted, and oddly satisfying to spin. So much so that some might be compelled to carry them everywhere. No problem, as they’re tiny and come with a hand-crafted leather carrying case.

Three different Spyn designs (the Arc, Frac, and Bit) catch the light in different ways as they revolve, making your desk look like it’s straight out of Inception and not like a ten-year-old’s (we promise).