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Spiceology Korean BBQ All-Purpose Rub

Spiceology Presents Its Versatile Korean BBQ All-Purpose Rub

Spiceology’s Korean BBQ Rub is perfect for grilling your favorite meats.

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Fans of spicy food will appreciate the unapologetic spicy Korean BBQ rub from Spiceology. Spiceology is expert in combining flavorful herbs and spices from around the world into unique tastes that excite the palate and titillate the tongue. Spiceology’s Korean BBQ All-Purpose Rub contains the flavors of citrus, sesame, and soy in a way that even seasoned foodies would find hard to replicate in their own kitchens. This rub works on a variety of meats, including pork, chicken, and beef. But on special occasions, try it on ham, turkey, and duck for an interesting twist on the expected flavors. When you’re really feeling creative and in the mood for a little “oomph”, add it to green bean casseroles, soups, and stews.

The complementary ingredients go with pretty much everything and result in a flavor that makes this rub so outstanding. There is cayenne and smoked paprika for heat, maple sugar for sweetness, and even orange peel for texture. This 4-ounce jar will go further than you might think. You’ll be able to use it for several meals, including your grilled entrees. And, if you really want to make an impression on your guests, pick up several jars to give away as gifts. No matter what the occasion, Spiceology’s Korean BBQ All-Purpose Rub will spice it up. Available on Huckberry for $15.

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