South 5th Residence

South 5th Residence by Alterstudio Architecture

Located in the chic Austin neighborhood, the South 5th Residence cleverly negotiates the delicate balance between physical constraints and open sociability.

An architecture firm based in Austin, Texas, Alterstudio stresses the vital relationship between “the material facts of architecture” and the “social occasions” that it brings.

Alterstudio’s recent project in the chic Austin neighborhood of Bouldin, the South 5th Residence embodies this this mission within a structure that flows naturally from room to courtyard to room, begging interaction and conviviality among all occupants. And it does so, quite miraculously, within the confines of a 50-foot infill lot that cleverly negotiates not only the strict zoning regulations of the City of Austin but the critical root zone of a large oak tree that flourishes on the property. In fact, the South 5th Residence’s capacious, glass-encased living room is raised on two piers to deftly avoid these roots.

The delicate balance between physical constraints and open sociability extends beyond the South 5th Residence, presenting an airy yet private enclave that provides intimate solace yet offers easy access to all of Bouldin’s boutique stores and trendy restaurants.