Sony MRW S3 USB Hub

Sony MRW S3 USB Hub

The Sony MRW S3 is the fastest multifunction USB hub in the world.

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Laptops have come a long way since the dream of a portable PC became a reality. Since then they’ve gone from merely being a designated work companion to all but replacing desktops as the preferred choice for a primary computer. Yet, despite all that progress, even the most technologically advanced laptops still seem to marred by the same frustrating issue — an utter lack of USB ports. Consider yourself lucky if you can find two ports. And every device you have has to compete for those couple of ports. Alas, the Sony MRW S3 USB Hub comes to the rescue to solve this age-old design flaw.

The Sony MRW 33 is dubbed as the fastest USB hub in the world. With USB 3.1 Gen 2 technology to support up to 1000MB/s speeds, the MRW S3 comes with a UHS-II SD, micro SD, USB-A, USB-C, and HDMI ports, and a USB power delivery port to deliver 100W. This makes it the perfect hub to work with several additional pieces of hardware, especially if your work demands fast transfers of large files. Instead of investing in a half-dozen different attachments and adapters, the Sony MRW S3 USB Hub covers all those bases, and does it fast.