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Simmons x Skittles Sweet Sleep Bed

One Lucky Person Can Win The Simmons x Skittles Sweet Sleep Bed For Only $1.50

Only one bed exists so it will be sold on a first come, first served basis.

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$ 1.50

A Murphy Bed is a great configuration for individuals with limited living space. At night, it folds down for sleeping, while during the day, it hides away, freeing up room for an office or living area. In a wild new version of the Murphy Bed design, mattress manufacturer Simmons has teamed up with Skittles to produce the one-of-a-kind Simmons x Skittles Sweet Sleep Bed. It goes on sale for just $1.50, the average price for a pack of Skittles, to “one lucky fan” on Monday, December 13, 2021, with the exact time a closely held secret that Simmons will reveal on Instagram. Delivery and setup are included in the purchase price. Once the purchase is deemed valid, a member from the Simmons team will reach out to the winner to coordinate delivery.

The Simmons x Skittles Sweet Sleep Bed doubles as a Skittles candy dispensing machine. Five containers of different brightly colored Skittles are featured on the sliding front door of the Murphy Bed. When closed, the Sweet Sleep Bed measures 7-feet high x 4-feet wide and 3-feet deep when closed. Once the Sweet Sleep Bed is opened, it measures 8-feet wide and 6-feet 5-inches deep. It accommodates a 60-pound foam twin mattress, perfect for sleeping off a sugar rush.