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Shwood Eyewear Canby Select Oxidized

Shwood Eyewear Canby Select Oxidized

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Thick rimmed frames seems to be dominating the eyewear landscape these days, with a monotonous geek chic look that have given way to any signs of individuality. We’ve seen guys wear sunglasses that are really out there for the sake of individuality, but you don’t want to be “that guy.” Some might argue that there are only a small number of different things you can do to a pair of glasses, resulting in the monotony, but Portland, Oregon based Shywood Eyewear might have a different opinion on that.

The Shwood Eyewear Canby Select Oxidized collection is the company’s offering to reclaim your sense of identity. They are known to stubbornly handcraft each and every pair, with the Oxidized collection requiring more hard work and effort. Each genuine brass inlay is created through an oxidation process that reveals striking combinations of turquoise, blue, and gold. This process guarantees that no two pairs are alike, making these pairs more unique. Together with the exotic hardwood frame, the sunglasses are eye catching while still being subtle, making it the perfect choice for those that want just the right amount of attention, without being “that guy.”