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Samsung The Premiere

With The Premiere From Samsung, You’ll Never Need To Go To A Movie Theater Again

Samsung The Premiere is a 4K short-throw laser projector that brings a cinematic experience to your home entertainment.

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Stopping looking for your keys. Put the wallet away. Quit checking movie times. Rushing out to the cinema is a thing of the past, thanks to Covid. Luckily Samsung has a solution with The Premier. Recently announced, this 4K short-throw laser projector is the ultimate in home theater quality. With display options ranging from 120 and 130 inches, the laser powered 4K projector not only rivals your local movie theater, but it might just offer an even better picture.

Thanks to the short throw design, you don’t need a large room to use the projector. Gone are the days where you need to hang it from the ceiling a dozen or more feet away from the projection surface. With The Premier, the projector can sit directly beneath where you want the image to appear. This way, you don’t need to adjust your home entertainment system setup. You just need to swap out the TV for this 2,800 ANSI lumens projector, which is also the world’s first HDR10+ triple laser certified projector.