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Richard Clarkson Studio RGB Cloud

Find your perfect cloud with this cloud-shaped luminaire that reacts to music.

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Although often overlooked, lighting can be a crucial part of interior design that can have a big impact on your space without investing much. However, picking out something that will fit your personal style can be tough, even daunting if you don’t know where to start. If that’s the case, why not introduce a but of whimsy to your space with the RGB Cloud by Richard Clarkson Studio?

The cloud-shaped, remote controlled decorative luminaire hangs from the ceiling as if it’s floating in the sky. Each cloud is hand-made and comes in four different sizes ranging from small to huge. Because of its hand-made nature, each cloud is uniquely shaped like real clouds. What’s even more, they react to music by lighting up in a variety of colors. To see the clouds reacting to music, you can check out the video below.